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Behavioral/ADHD Consultations

Our providers are well versed in the normal developmental behavioral changes seen throughout childhood and adolescence. Many times these problems, such as temper tantrums, are considered normal for age and usually easily managed. However, some behavioral problems or school concerns may suggest a more severe underlying problem. Our providers are knowledgeable in many areas including Autism, ADHD, school concerns, and adolescent related issues. We are able to evaluate/diagnose and treat many conditions and refer for further specific testing if necessary.

Behavioral consults are extended appointments to allow our providers the time needed to thoroughly understand and help manage your child's specific issues. Because of the length of these appointments, they are usually scheduled well in advance.


Well Child and Adolescent Visits
Acute Care
Behavioral/ADHD Consultations

The following links provide information and resources for specific behavioral concerns:

The following forms are used for evaluation of a specific behavioral problem. Please print, complete and send the appropriate form to our office prior to your appointment.

Learn more about scheduling appointments in our office: